How It Works

The Technology Is PROVEN… Our unique patch helps you lose weight very simply.

Nutrients absorbed straight into bloodstream – Cuts out inefficient digestion.

  • Trans-dermal technology helps you lose weight 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  • An end to having to remember to take your pills 3 or 4 times per day.
  • If you want to lose weight quickly, easily and responsibly, up to 2/4 pounds per week, you need SlimWeight Patch™ Trans-dermal Patches.
  • This really couldn’t be simpler. Apply 1 patch per day, watch the pounds melt away.

You really can lose weight quickly and easily with our patch technology. Have you ever put on your clothes, looked in the mirror and cringed at what you see? Well there is no need – our patches work 24/7 and you can discreetly wear them underneath your top!

  • The clinically proven, natural ingredients are absorbed efficiently through your skin. No digestion problems, heartburn or gas.
  • No one needs to even know you’re on a diet. Very easy and discreet to use. You no longer need to be taking tablets with every meal, or carrying them around with you.
  • Completely natural yet powerful ingredients, and no side effects due to trans-dermal admission methods. Totally safe. Totally effective.
  • Developed by an established, well experienced pharmaceutical company.
  • Carry on enjoying all your activities including swimming, without worry. The SlimWeight Patches™ are waterproof, so you won’t waste a single patch.

But let’s look at that a little closer and see why the trans-dermal technology is SO important.

The nutrients included in the SlimWeight Patch™ formula are proven to work. But if they can’t get to your cells, they’re useless.

By using traditional, i.e. old fashioned technology as in tablets, you really are asking for problems. And you’ll be literally throwing away the majority of your money too.

Not only are tablets very badly absorbed by the body, but absorption is also different on a person to person level. It varies in all of us. How much stomach acid we produce for instance, makes a big difference to absorption rates.

Then there’s what’s known as “friendly bacteria”. These are the microscopic little critters that live in your digestive system. They are the good guys and help to keep everything down there working well and aid your digestion.

You’ve probably seen the friendly bacteria yogurts advertised all the time now on TV and the massive selection at your local supermarket.

But did you know that they are vunerable to outside attack, especially to antibiotics?

A course of which can wipe out these friendly bacteria, causing all sorts of problems in the process. So if you’ve had antibiotics recently, it’s a virtual certainty that you need to top up your friendlies!

  • Can you see how complex your digestion is now?
  • All the obstacles the tablets you have to overcome, to get where they need to be?
  • How inefficient this makes them?

The small percentage that make it through digestion and your liver, then have to get to the bloodstream and to the cells.

Now you can understand why as much as 95% of traditional tablets, or more importantly, the nutrients in the tablets, can be completely wasted.

But as we’ve already mentioned, that’s not the only problem. Many of the nutrients ALSO depend on what substance they are bonded to, to determine how well they are absorbed.

There’s no accurate way to know how much of the nutrients are reaching your cells, so it’s even difficult to know how much to adjust your dosage to.

Surely there must be a better way. A more efficient way to get the nutrients into the bloodstream and to the cells, where they can have the desired effect?

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Stick it on, get on with your day. It really is that SIMPLE TO USE!

The SlimWeight Patch™ is very easy to use.

Stick it on. Get on with your day. It really is that simple.

You don’t have to worry about digestion problems, friendly bacteria, or chemical bonding! Due to its unique method of delivering the ingredients to your body, it simply bypasses all the problems.

It’s absorbed through your skin, into your bloodstream and to your cells. Job done!

Doctors around the world are calling trans-dermal patches “the delivery system of the future” because it has been discovered that a high absorption rate of many supplements can be achieved when delivered through the skin.

The reason for this is when supplements are delivered transdermally, they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, initially bypassing the liver, stomach and intestine. The result can mean as much as 95% of the supplement getting to the cells where they are needed.

This avoids all the problems found with tablets and capsules. Instead of losing up to 95% of the nutrients to inefficient digestion, you actually absorb up to 95% due to the ultra-efficient world of trans-dermal technology.

  • So easy to use. Apply these small patches to your skin and absorb a MASSIVE 95% of the powerful nutrients.
  • As you’ve discovered, your body can only absorb a small percentage of tablets and capsules. Don’t throw your money away. Let cutting edge technology help you make the most of your money.
  • Packed with the very best fat burners including Garcinia cambogia, Zinc Pyruvate and L-Caritine, SlimWeight Patch™ turns your body into a fat burning furnace.
  • 5-HTP can significantly reduce carbohydrate cravings and binge eating. 5-HTP can help prevent the drop in serotonin in the brain caused by dieting. It’s this drop which can cause carbohydrate cravings and binge eating.

Let’s take a look at some customer success stories! We receive new ones every single week!

“This really weird for me as just stopped smoking and used nicotine patch to help. Now I stick SlimWeight Patch™ every morning and not only am I lose weight, I also noticed increase in energy and sleep better too. I don’t think it because fact I’ve stopped smoking, as I stop using the patches for week and felt the difference. Usually when I stop smoking, (Yes I have failed few times) I put on lot of weight, but not this time. Glad I found you.” Lena, Italy, Roma

“I am really suffering with heartburn and other problems when I take tablets. Maybe due to lack of friendly bacteria as you mentioned. The patches are great for me. So easy to use. Lost 13 pounds so far, and I love natural only products too, so I’ll be ordering more.” Sheila, Vianen, Netherlands

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  • Now you can feel fuller, for longer thanks to the power of Guarana. An increase in your metabolism, simply means more calories burnt. More calories burnt means you’re closer to your weight loss goal.
  • Burns more of your unwanted fat by revving up your metabolism. Very easy and discreet to use. You no longer need to be taking tablets with every meal, or carrying them around with you.
  • Use Garcinia cambogia to defeat one of the biggest enemies of your weight loss battle. Calm and control your appetite with the power Garcinia cambogia.
  • Even more appetite busting power with the addition of Yerba Mate: Eliminates the sensation of hunger and contains nearly all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life.
  • Let the ‘healthy fats’ in Flaxseed Oil help you conserve carbohydrates, while shedding fat at the same time.

How to use the UNIQUE SlimWeight Patch™ System

As with any weight loss plan, it’s very important to set a goal.

How many pounds would you like to lose? This determines how many weeks you need to wear the patches. We would suggest you give your body at least 1 week rest after every cycle of use.

  • Apply a new weight loss diet patch to a dry clean hairless area of your skin.
  • After 24 hours, remove the previous day’s weight loss diet patch, and replace with a new diet patch in a slightly different position so you allow the skin to breathe.
  • Drink plenty of water at least 8 glasses per 24 hours. Light exercise and a balanced diet will always help to optimize the results of the patches. Even going for a short walk will help. Just try to do a little more than you did the day before to give your metabolism that desired kick start.

The great thing is that SlimWeight Patches™ are waterproof and safe to wear while showering and swimming. If you have trouble removing the adhesive patches, a little dab of baby oil will help.

Obviously, results will vary with everyone. It doesn’t matter which weight loss program you follow or what product you use, eating sensibly and a little exercise will always help the results. Also, stay loyal to a program for more than 2 weeks and drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day to help your body remove waste products!

Don’t give up early, stick with the plan! Many like you have gone through the process, and they also had their success. It’s time you grab yours!

PLEASE NOTE: SlimWeight Patches™ are made with a breathing material and are not rubbery like some of the inferior brands. Unfortunately, the rubbery patches seal the skin shut, which closes the skins pores. It’s not hard to realize that this can drastically and negatively effect the absorption rates into your skin, which is what you want to avoid. The downside of this is that obviously the effectiveness of the patch will be significantly reduced.

But don’t worry. It’s easy to ensure you are getting the very best, tested and proven technology…
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You have nothing to lose other than your unwanted body fat
thanks to our 180 day guarantee

We insist we take all the risk of your purchase by offering our 180 day guarantee.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase just send back everything you received from us, including open/unopened blisters, packages, etc. We will refund the purchase price minus a small handling fee.

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